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 I was ready to get solar and had a good working knowledge when Daniel Finley  came by for an appointment to discuss solar. He knew his business, and after some  friendly negotiating, we agreed on a deal for 12 panels. A planner came out a few  days later, and a week after that, I had a roof full of cells generating electricity.  The installation teams backgrounds were as roofers, which was good. the work all  looks top notch to me. … perfectly happy with the work so far and the watts are  flowing. - Keith I Pleasanton, Ca

High Definition Solar installed my solar panels in the fall of 2011. Their  service was thorough; they got the necessary permits from my city, and the  installers were courteous and efficient while on site. The installation took one day.  Since then I noticed, because of the unusual sunny weather, that I've been sending  electricity to PG&E most of the day. My own dependence on PG&E for electricity  has been reduced significantly. - Mary M Berkeley,Ca

I bought a solar system from High Definition Solar and was very pleased with the professionalism. It was as good as it gets! The installers were highly professional and clean. The job from start to finish took only 4 hours. Gavin, the production Manager, responded to my needs in a very timely fashion and worked out everything we needed. From start to finish, High Definition Solar met and exceeded my expectations.

 I would recommend this company to anyone interested in having a solar install done on their home.  -  Wayne A & Anita P San Francisco, Ca

We wish to express how very pleased we are having done business with the High Definition Solar company of Concord, California. We recently had a seven panel solar system installed on our home.  These are fantastic people to work with. They spent the time to explain the system and answered our questions. The people on the crew that did the installation are very efficient and do a neat and clean job. They are excellent craftsmen. We are very happy to recommend High Definition Solar, Inc if you are interested in installing a solar system. - Mr and Mrs. Leo M Houwelling

My husband and I were extremely interested in not only "going green" but also in cutting our burgeoning energy costs. We looked for a company that supplied materials made in the United States and one that was located close by. Since the installation our energy costs have markedly decreased. Not all companies provide ongoing services regarding reports and questions. High Definition Solar does. at the same time we were making arrangements for solar panels, our furnace gave out. High Definition Solar helped us in finding the best company for a new furnace. We are so grateful and satisfied.

We would be remiss if the work ethic of High Definition Solar, Inc was not mentioned. The staff as well as the installers were informative, expeditious, efficient and respectful. My husband and I appreciate the excellent service afforded and would highly recommend High Definition Solar, Inc.

- Mr and Mrs Johnson Pleasant Hill, Ca

I talked to other people in the company, (including the long standing company president) and got my questions answered. I got the most number of Kwh production for the lowest price of every contractor I haggled with. I am a bit of a bulldog when it comes to contracts, so I took some time with this. I am very pleased with the system energy production (all completed as promised and results as promised). So I give them a great grade. I had my doubts at the beginning but they gave me the best deal and it is all completed and functioning very well. - Sally M Albany,Ca